What's Left Of Me (The Firebird Trilogy) (Volume 2) - Jennifer Loring

Jennifer Loring does a wonderful job of continuing Stephanie Hartwell’s and former NHL Star Aleksandr Volynsky’s story in the second book of the Firebird Trilogy, WHAT'S LEFT OF ME.  Alex and Stephanie have not had it easy.  Just when it looks like everything is finally going to go their way, Alex is accused of sexual assault allegations, and Stephanie is diagnosed with a serious illness.   This contemporary sports romance takes place in Buffalo and is suitable for adult audiences.


Jennifer Loring does an admirable job with her character development.  Both main characters have gone through a lot and grown tremendously.  I felt bad for everything that the couple went through.  The characters are likeable.  Alex is now aware of his mental illness and trying to deal with it.  He had to end his NHL career early due to an injury.  He was given the opportunity to coach his old team the Buffalo Gladiators.  He is a good man, and he tries hard to be a decent husband and father.  I love Alex’s sense of humor.   Stephanie is a strong heroine.  I love that she plays hockey.  I was often disappointed in how she treated Alex in this story, and that she kept her illness from him, but I get that people respond to situations differently.  I like that Stephanie is ruthless when it comes to investigating accusations against her loved ones.


The plot was realistic and thought-provoking.  The issues were pertinent with today’s society.  The couple was put through some test in their relationship.  Both being public figures made their ordeals even more difficult.  I like how the story was resolved, and I look forward to the last book in the trilogy. 


Complimentary copy provided via manicreaders.com in exchange for an honest review.