Dark Carousel (Carpathian Novel, A) - Christine Feehan

Christine Feehan does an exception job keeping the Dark Series feeling fresh with the thirtieth book in the series, DARK CAROUSEL.  Ancient Carpathian Tariq Asenguard discovers his lifemate Charlotte Vintage and needs to protect her from the vampires that murdered her brother and mentor. This paranormal/urban fantasy is suitable for adult audiences.


Christine Feehan does an exceptional job of keeping the Dark series plot stimulating and strong.  I love how she ties together details.  DARK CAROUSEL is full of mystery and conspiracy.  I’ve always liked carousels, and I love the carousel connection between Charlotte and Tariq.  The curse was fascinating and relevant.  I thought the history behind carousels interesting.  I appreciate when I learn something new while reading. 


The characters are very well developed.  Despite being old, Tariq is a little more open minded then some of the other Carpathian. I like Charlotte.  She has a powerful gift. She goes through a lot of changes in a short amount of time.  I love that Tariq and Charlotte wind up with an instant family.  They make good parents who are very protective and compassionate.  The children all have appealing personalities.  They went through awful circumstances.  I like the connection Val and Liv have.  I love the dragons and why they were created. 


Vadim and company make intimidating opponents.  I thought it was thought-provoking how Tariq and Vadim’s association transpired.  He and his followers are extremely cunning.  I am interested in finding out where Christine Feehan takes us with her next story.  I am continually impressed by this series. 


Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.