Buried and Shadowed - Carrie Ann Ryan, Alexandra Ivy

Alexandra Ivy’s and Carrie Ann Ryan’s Buried and Shadowed were an amazing addition to the Branded Packs Series.  Just when I think, the duo will never be able to top themselves, they prove me wrong.  I love the originality of this series.  In Buried, submissive wolf, Mandy Calhoun, Omega wolf Gibson Barton, and Ursine Foreseer Oliver Dare fight an unknown danger among the pack.  In Shadowed, Sinclair, the Unseen Pack Alpha, is on a mission to rescue human, Mira Reese, who has been helping the shifters by gaining access to the CDC computer system.  Both stories are full of excitement and conspiracy.  This PNR is suitable for adult audiences.


The characters are well-developed.  They grow throughout this story and have lots of dimensions.  I like Gibson.  He discovers that he is the pack Omega and has a lot to deal with.  Mandy is a submissive wolf that does not understand her full values to others in the pack.  I love that she is brave and takes charge.  Meanwhile, Oliver’s visions are taking a toll on him.  The three become a good support system for one another.  They have wonderful chemistry and interesting talents.  They care about each other and their packs.  They have interesting obstacles and adversaries in their story.


Sinclair is a fascinating Alpha.  He is courageous, shrewd, and thoughtful.  My heart went out to him and the story of his childhood.  I love how they fight to free the shifters.  I like Mira.  I love that she does what she feels is right.  She is a brilliant computer expert.  I love that she takes chances.  I found it amusing that she named her cat Sinclair because he is ill-tempered and stubborn.  Shadowed was an action packed and kept me on the edge of my seat.  I love how this series has evolved.  There have been a number of interesting turns of events. 


Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.