On the Edge (Adirondack Pack Book 3) - K.C. Stewart

K.C. Stewart created another amazing addition to the Adirondack Pack Series, On the Edge.  Lee Reece alienated herself from her friends.  The only thing helping her get through is her three-year on-line gaming relationship with fellow wolf, Vince Steinbeck. However, Vince does not know Lee’s true identity, and Lee is afraid to reveal herself.  This contemporary PNR is suitable for adult audiences.


I loved On the Edge.  I like Lee’s character.  I enjoyed hearing Lee’s story and discovering her point of view.  After a childhood accident left her barren, she felt like an outcast from the pack.  She doesn’t realize how people really feel about her.  She goes through a lot in this story and does some soul searching.  Vince is a noble character.  He is great with kids which makes Lee’s inability to have kids more difficult for her, not wanting to be selfish. Vince finds himself in some trouble with Canidae that puts his life at risk.


The plot was well executed and entertaining. I also enjoyed the side story of Mira and Sadie’s mom, Ann, coming to visit.  There were some interesting things that transpired from that visit.  Mira also has some self-discovery in this story.  I appreciated that she has Zach as a friend that can relate to her. I love how the characters intertwine and interact.  For example, I think Vince having known Jenny is clever.  I love that the story began and ended with Lee and Vince playing each other online.  The ending was hilarious.   I cannot wait for Miles story in the next book, Out of Reach. 


Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.