Unchained: An Eternal Guardians Novella - Elisabeth Naughton

Elisabeth Naughton created another spectacular story in the Eternal Guardians/1001 Dark Nights Series, Unchained.  The Eternal Guardians rescued Titan, Prometheus, from Zeus’ tormented twenty-five years ago.  He spends his life alone trying to forget his past.  He is sought out through dreams by a beautiful woman pursuing his help.  This story takes place in the Aegis Mountains and in Olympus.  It is suitable for adults.


Elisabeth Naughton continues to impress me with her incredible way of enduring stories that were based on Greek Myths.  Prometheus is the Titan that Zeus punished for giving humans fire.  In an earlier story, the Eternal Guardians rescued him from Zeus’ torture. This story takes place after that.  I love how Unchained connected with events that took place in previous stories.  Everything cleverly fell into place.


Prometheus is a likeable character.  Especially since he is a god that actually likes us mere humans. He has gone through a lot and understandably questions his sanity.    I like Circe (aka Keia).  Prometheus and Keia have both been wronged and used by Zeus.   They have a lot in common. I respect that Circe has learned from her mistakes and wants to become a better person.


This novella is a quick read that is packed with adventure and twists.  I love the ending to the story.  I cannot wait to see what Elisabeth Naughton comes up with next.  This is a great read for anyone that enjoys contemporary stories based on Greek mythology.


Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.