Den of Sorrows, Book 9 (The Grey Wolves Series) - Quinn Loftis, KKeeton Designs

Quinn Loftis created another spectacular book in the Grey Wolves Series, Den of Sorrows.  The Romanian and Serbian wolves are helping the high Fae in a fight against the vampires, while trying to keep their existence a secret.  This contemporary PNR is suitable for young adults to adult audiences. 


I like the synopsis at the beginning of the book.  I read a lot so sometimes it takes me a while to remember what happed in the last book or in this case I realized I skipped a couple of books in the series. I am going to want to backtrack and read those.


I have enjoyed watching Jacque, Jen, and Sally grow-up since the first book.  I have to laugh, because every time Jen’s name comes up since book three, Just One Drop, I still hear Katy Perry’s E.T. in my mind. That girl crakes me up.  Heck all three of them do.  I also appreciate their conversations with their mates; they make for some good entertainment.  Quinn Loftis does a phenomenal job in her character development.  I can typically tell who is speaking before their name is even mentioned.   The characters have grown tremendously, and you feel like you know them. 


The plot is intense and thrilling.  The vampires are evil adversaries who make the story spellbinding.  It is horrifying how they are preying on children.  I love the introduction of Bethany.  I have a feeling she is going to fit in perfectly with the girls.  There were many unexpected twists.  Den of Sorrows was convincing and well described.  I appreciate how each chapter begins with a quote from one of the characters (especially Jen’s).  The story had my emotions all over the board.  The ending had me on the edge of my seat and anxiously awaiting the next book. 


Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.