A Better Man: A Sunshine Creek Vineyard Novel - Candis Terry

Candis Terry scores with A Better Man.  Carolina Vipers forward Jordan Kincade returns to Sunshine Valley after his parents’ death.  He regrets losing the bond he once had with his family and reevaluates his priorities, which include helping his younger sister, Nicole, graduate from school.  He needs the help from her teacher, Lucy Diamond, the girl whose heart he broke fifteen years ago. 


Candis Terry does a great job with her character development.  I like Jordan.  He was focused on nothing but the NHL his entire life.  He realizes that he has missed his family, and that he has no idea what he wants to do after hockey.  He wants to do right by his family, especially his little sister who he felt like he barely knew.  Lucy is a caring individual who has gone through a lot, never having family she could count on.  She is the kind of teacher you would have loved to have and would want your kids to experience.  We discover a lot about what is going on with Nicole throughout the story.  She transforms immensely and is a sweet girl. I also, enjoyed the rest of the Kincade brothers.  They are very different individuals, that you can tell care about one another.


I enjoyed the plot.  It had me crying more than once.  I loved Jordan’s and Lucy’s first date.  Jordon is very creative.  He comes up with great suggestions to help the vineyard.  A number of unexpected, yet believable, things happened throughout the story.  A Better Man is a wonderful start to the Sunshine Creek Vineyard Series. 


Complimentary copy provided by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.