The Hunter's Moon (The Secret Warrior Series) - Beth Trissel

Beth Trissel’s The Hunter's Moon has an interesting combination of history, fantasy, and paranormal.  Seventeen-year-old Morgan Daniel and her ten-year-old brother Jimmy have been in witness protection after observing a murder by the head of the Panteras.  The gang chases them through the Shenandoah Mountain in Virginia where they are rescued by wolves from the Wapicoli, discovering a world they did not know existed.


The way Jackson and Morgan spoke, threw me for a loop a few times.  Sometimes they would talk really formal and almost old, then they would say something like “freaking awesome” that made them seem more the seventeen-year-olds they are.  It didn’t seem consistent to me. 


I like Jimmy.  He was very wise for a ten-year-old.  He was always good for some fascinating information.


I enjoyed the historical aspect of the story dating back to the American Revolution, and Daniel Morgan.  I thought the background of the Morcants and Wapicoli was a good concept..  The Panteras are noteworthy enemies.  Mateo was a lethal adversary.


I liked the setting; it made the plot seem convincing.  At 133 pages, the story was a quick read.  This story is appropriate for young adults.


Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.