Dead in the Water (Gemini: A Black Dog Series Book 1) - Hailey Edwards

Hailey Edwards is off to an incredible start with Dead in the Water the first book in the Gemini Series.  Earthen Conclave member, Agent Camille Ellis, is sent to investigate a serial murder of a supernatural child.  The most-recent victim’s brother, Cord Graeson, Beta of the Georgia Warg Pack, becomes involved with the case to seek justice for his sister.


I like Camille.  She is a Gemini, a type of Fae that is born twins. They can classify any Fae after a touch.  They can also temporarily absorb the best qualities of other Fae.  My heart went out to Camille for the loss of her twin.  My heart also went out to Cord for the loss of his sister.  Camille and Cord have an intense relationship that keeps the story interesting.


I love that Thierry and Shaw from Hailey Edwards’ Black Dog series make an appearance in this story. 


I really enjoyed the plot.  It was full of mystery and interesting twists.  There was controversy, hidden agenda, and lots of action.  I loved the ending and cannot wait for the next book. If you like Hailey Edwards’ Black Dog Series, you will definitely want to check out Dead in the Water.


Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.