Cage's Misconduct: NHL Scorpions, Book 3 - Nikki Worrell

I loved Nikki Worrell’s Cage's Misconduct, the third book in the NHL Scorpions Series.  This contemporary hockey romance takes place in San Diego, California.  It is suitable to New Adult and Adult Audiences. NHL Goalie, Dalton ‘Cage’ Booker has never had a platonic girlfriend before he met Karen LaGrange, the little sister of a former teammate.  The longer Karen insists they remain “just friends” the more Cage wants her.


Nikki Worrell does a great job with her character development and plot.  Everyone has Cage stereotyped as a stubborn womanizer, but Karen sees that there is more to him then everyone thinks.  They become friends who are fighting their attraction to each other.  I love that Cage has a pet chinchilla.  I used to have a chinchilla.  They are affectionate and fun pets.  Karen is one of those people that everyone loves.  She has had a difficult past.  She and Cage undergo a lot in this story, especially Karen.  Having once had salmonella poisoning, I empathized with Cage.  That is one experience I would wish on no one. Unfortunately, that’s not even the worst of his experiences in this story.  The ending is a great transition to Nikki Worrell’s new series, Atlantic City Boardwalk Breakers.  I look forward to reading it.


Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.