Five Out of the Ashes - Holli Anderson

Holli Anderson’s Five Out of the Ashes takes place where book two, Out of the Pit left off.  Halli was kidnapped by a dragon and remaining five need to rescue her.  This story takes place in contemporary United States and in the Netherworld.  It is suitable for young adults.  Tasked with protecting humankind and gifted with magic the five teenagers undergo one adventure after the next. 


All five of the characters grow throughout the story, especially Paige, who underwent the most.  I was glad that Surpy was back.  He is always good for some comic relief.  There were some unexpected surprises with his character.  Brone is pure evil.  We find out what he has against the Praesidia. 


Five Out of the Ashes was full of unexpected twists and action.  Parts of the story reminded me of Harry Potter.  I think the series would make an excellent movie.  The series had a good conclusion, and I felt everything was well resolved. 


Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.