Coming Home: A Werewolf Story - Melissa Frost

Melissa Frost’s Coming Home is a detailed and entertaining short story that was hard to put down.  I was impressed with all the information that was packed into this contemporary paranormal romance that is suitable for young and new adults.


After her parents’ death, Miranda (Andi) Clover Hurlstone, had been passed from one foster family to the next.  A young man named Devon comes into her life claiming that they knew each other as children and are from the same werewolf pack. 


Andi and Devon are both well-developed and likable characters.  My heart went out to Andi for losing her parents at such a young age and growing up in foster care.  I like that Andi was open minded.  I felt bad for Devon for losing Andi and was happy that he happened to stumble upon her scent.  It was interesting finding out the background story of what happened to Andi and her parents.  I appreciated their journey home, and the stops that they made along the way.  The ending had an exciting conclusion that felt well resolved.  I wouldn’t mind seeing this story spin off into a series. 


Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.