Love Lonely - William C. Cole


William C. Cole’s Love Lonely is an exciting contemporary novel that contained a lot of mystery.  The main characters live in Kentucky and travel to numerous places throughout the story, including California, Florida, and the Middle East.  Retired NHL star David Watson married into a powerful family and took over running their thoroughbred horse-racing division.  His wife Sandy McGinnis, is a philanthropist traveling worldwide for their causes.  Her continued absence and secrets start to interfere in their relationship, and Sandy needs to reevaluate her lifestyle.


Cole did a great job with his character development throughout the story.  I am a big hockey fan and watch almost every Chicago Blackhawk's game.  Many of the games are commentated by former NHL star Ed Olczyk. Ed owns a race horse, and he frequently talks about it during the games.  He has also become a broadcaster for NBC horse racing.  Apparently, there are other former NHL players who are involved in horse racing.  So needless to say that caused me further like David’s character and make his current profession credible.  Sandy is an impressive woman. She has accomplished many worthy tasks.  She keeps secrets and is a fascinating character.


I enjoyed the plot.  I love animals, so I found the horse-racing aspect intriguing.  Parts of the story reminded me a little of the former Alias television series created by J.J. Abrams and airing from 2001-2006 on ABC.  I loved that show so that is a compliment.  I used to be a product designer; therefore, I appreciated all the cool technology that was in the book.  William C. Cole’s Love Lonely had a surprising ending that has me very interested in the next book of the series.  Love Lonely is an excellent novel suitable for adults who enjoy action, mystery, espionage, and romance.


Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.