Crossing the Line (The Baltimore Banners Book 1) - Lisa B. Kamps

Amber Johnson is on a mission to become a full-time sports reporter, her assignment to get an interview with Baltimore Banners goalie, Alec Kolchak, the man who does not do interviews. 


I love how Amber gets Alec to give her an interview, and I appreciate Alec’s terms.  It ends up making a fun and unexpected story.  I really like both characters.  Amber is persistent and smart.  Alec is caring and sweet.  I mean a real tough hockey player...


Being someone who frequently suffers from headaches, I empathized with Amber.  I love that Alec was compassionate in those circumstances.  Often people that do not suffer from the same affliction do not sympathize. 


Amber’s newspaper competition, Gerry Brown, is a slimy piece of work.  He is untrustworthy and conniving, making the story interesting. 


I love Ian Donovan.  He is a good friend to both Amber and Alec.  I also like Amber’s editor, Tim Norton; he is a smart man.


Crossing the Line was well-written and entertaining read.  I really enjoyed the story and had a hard time putting it down.


Complimentary copy provided via in exchange for an honest review.