Summon (Succubus Kiss Book 4) - Jennifer Snyder

Kenna Blake is running out of time to stop the wraith from taking over her body and finding kidnaped Randal.


Wow talk about a lot going on and unexpected twist.  Summon, the fourth book in Jennifer Snyder’s Succubus Kiss Series did not disappoint!


Kenna has been a wonderful heroine throughout this series. She has undergone a lot and still stayed true to herself.  She is a noble individual with admiral traits. 


I like the addition of Darius. He was an interesting character.  I still love Dex.  He has been a very good friend to Kenna throughout the series.


There were some very unexpected, yet believable twists in the story.  I really like the ending.  Jennifer Snyder did a wonderful job resolving the conflict of the story.  She covered all the small details making everything feel resolved.   


Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.