Overtime - Toni Aleo

Nashville Assassins defenseman, Jordie Thomas, is given an ultimatum to clean up his act if he wants to remain on the team. He needs to face his past, including his biggest regret of letting Kacey King get away.


When I read book 6, Laces and Lace, I enjoyed Kacey and Jordie’s exchanges. They were extremely amusing. I anxiously wanted to read their story. They make an interesting couple, especially with Kacey being Karson’s sister and Jordie being Karson’s best friend. I was not disappointed. Overtime is a fantastic book that I could not put down.


I was not sure how I felt about Jordie in the previous books, but I definitely liked him in Overtime. Hearing the story from his perspective and discovering his past really made me appreciate him. My heart really went out to him. He struggles with dealing with his past and an addiction to alcohol. He works hard to turn his life around.


I really like Kacey. I love that she is a hockey Olympian and finds a profession in the hockey field. She is hard working and dedicated. She has the best family; they like to give each other a hard time (in a fun way) and care immensely for each other. She is a good person with a big heart. She has liked Jordie for a long time. I like that she does not give up on him.


I also loved hearing so much about Lacey and Karson. Just like real life, their lives are not perfect after their story is over and they have additional obstacles to overcome. I appreciate that they play an important part in Jordie and Kacey’s lives.


Once again, Toni Aleo created an emotional and believable story. The characters are down to earth and easy to like. They are not perfect, making them credible. Many fascinating and unexpected things happen throughout the story. In addition, many real life issues make the novel inspiring.


Complimentary copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review.