Melting Ice: Seattle Sockeyes Hockey (Game On in Seattle Book 5) - Jami Davenport

Bad-boy hockey player Isaac "Ice" Wolfe has one last shot to stay in the NHL. He doesn’t let anyone into his life until he meets horse trainer, Avery Maxwell.


Jami Davenport created another fabulous book in the Game On in Seattle series.


I liked Isaac's character. He has had a rough life, not letting anyone become close to him. His reputation proceeds him. Once he meets Avery, he finds himself wanting to change and become a better person. I like the similarities between him, and the broken horses that Avery is trying to reorient. I couldn’t believe some of the things that Isaac suffered. My heart went out to him.


Avery is great. I like that she followed her dream to work with horses. She is the perfect person to befriend Isaac and make him realize his worth. She has also gone through a lot and can sympathize with Isaac. They understand each other.


I appreciated how things that happened in previous books within the series came to play in this book: for example, Isaac’s roommate, Blake, and the charity Isaac and Avery become involved in.


I love that the Sockeye are unconventional and give Isaac a shot. They treat him different than he was handled in the past, and they give him a clean slate.


Melting Ice has a believable and entertaining plot. It is heartwarming and kept me enthralled. I could not put this book down. I look forward to finding out what happens with Isaac’s brother, Tanner, and Avery’s twin sister, Emma, in Blindsided (Game On in Seattle #6).


Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.