A Reaper Made - Liz Long

Made Reaper, Grace Reynolds, investigates the disappearance of souls and other made reapers, breaking the rules along the way.


A Reaper made is an original and creative story.


I like that Grace is determined to investigate the disappearances and not just ignore what is going on. She gives Tully the option to walk away and is willing to take the consequences for breaking the rules for the greater good.


I felt bad that Grace had such a short life. It is unfortunate that she died by the hands of a drunk driver.


I liked both Tessa and Tully. Tully is Grace’s maker and mentor. Tessa is a witch. They are both good friends and help throughout the story.


Tully’s maker Alistair is an interesting character. I also enjoyed Rhys. They both had essential roles in the story that made it interesting.


This is the first time I recall reading a novel solely (no pun intended) on reapers. I did find myself skimming the book a few times at the beginning of the story. However, I feel the pace picked up later in the story. The plot was fascinating. There were some unexpected surprises. I enjoyed the ending.


Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.