Savor (Succubus Kiss Book Two) - Jennifer Snyder

Savor begins where Seduce left off, trying to find a cure for, Succubus Kenna Blake, who has been infected by a wraith.


I like that Kenna is not your typical succubus.  She is concerned for others, even her prey.  She is a good person that doesn’t deserve to suffer by being plagued by a wraith.


I appreciated that vampire, Randal Vincent, shows a lot of support for Kenna in this story.  He wants to do what he can to help free Kenna.  He doesn’t want to lose someone else he cares about to the same faith as his sister.  I felt bad that he has to relive his nightmare of his sister lose.


We meet a couple of new witches in this story.  Even though they are siblings, they are two very different people.  I enjoyed the contrast of their personalities.


A lot of interesting things happen in Savor. For example, we find out why Kenna was targeted by the wraith.  The plot was intense and entertaining.


I felt bad for poor Kenna.  Just when you think, things are looking up for her, she is hit with more bad news.  I cannot wait to see what happens in the next novel.


Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.