Dropping Gloves (Portland Storm Book 10) - Catherine Gayle

Katie Weber broke Jamie Babcock’s heart when she left for Hollywood to follow her dream. Now she is back in Portland, but Jamie is afraid to have his heart broken by her again.


I have been anxiously awaiting Katie and Babs’ story, and I was not disappointed. Heck I was crying only a few pages into the book. I’m pretty sure that was a record for me.


Babs had always been my favorite Portland Storm character. In my opinion, you cannot get much better than Jamie Babcock. He is such a great guy; you want to see the best for him. He was recently made team captain. Everyone seems to believe in him but himself. He has grown so much throughout this series. Plus, he is completely dedicated to Katie.


Katie is a great heroine. She is a cancer survivor who does not give up. She is a strong individual that goes after her dreams but recognizes when her priorities change.


I love the cats in this story. Blackbeard cracked me up. I have a cat that used to like to sit on my shoulder as a kitten, so I could relate. They made for some good comic relief.


I appreciated that Katie’s father, David Webber (Webs), was trying to play matchmaker. It was an interesting turn of events since Taking a Shot (book 2.5).


I thought it was great that a few characters from the new spin off series, Tulsa Thunderbirds, made an appearance in the story. I cannot wait to read that series.


Catherine Gayle did a phenomenal job with the plot. She covers real-life issues and delivers it in a believable manner. Dropping Gloves was a heartwarming story that made me feel just about every emotion possible. This is a book has made it to my favorites. A book I enjoyed so much I pretty sure I will reread multiple times.


Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.