Final Shifts (To Love a Wildcat Book 6) - V.L. Locey

The Final Shift brings us up to speed and concludes us on all that is happening with our favorite Wildcats:  Derrick Andersson's retirement ceremony, Philip’s trial, Viviana and Alain’s drama, Liz and Veikko’s fertility issues among a few.  We also meet a new character Jane Bratkowski, who will be a part of a spin off series, The Venom, which I cannot wait to read.


I love the Wildcats.  They are such a diverse group that makes up a dedicated hockey family. 


V. L. Locey does an amazing job with her characters’ dialog. When the story is being told from a new character’s point of view, the character’s name is always listed first, but I swear I would know who is speaking without the name being posted: Derrick with his Minnesotan accent, Viviana who comes off like Samantha from Darren Star’s Sex and the City, Isabelle the strong and elegant leader, Margarite and her sign language, The different enunciations of the hockey players. You get my point. No one comes off as the same person.


The plot of the series is carefully thought out.  The story kept building with every novel.  The past books all came together in this story; something that happened to one couple, touches the lives of another.   One door closes; another one opens, and they are all there for each other in support.  A loyal team.


Final Shifts is a well-written and fast paced.  To Love a Wildcat readers will not be disappointed.  I am sad to see it end but happy for the spin off series.


Complimentary copy provided publisher via in exchange for an honest review.