Resounding Truth: (Werewolf Novella) (The Resounding Series) - Kate Thomas, Nicole Hewitt, Book Cover by Design

Drucilia’s father was killed by Derik, the current alpha of her pack. With hunters and vampires attaching the pack, Derik is seeking to make Dru his mate. While Dru is hoping her sister's visions of a white wolf coming to save them are true.


I read a lot of shape shifter novels, and this one had a refreshing feel. The plot was filled with detail and intrigue.


I enjoyed Dru as a heroine. She is brave and smart. She is a worthy alpha female who would be an asset to any pack. I would think it would be difficult to live with Derik as the alpha after he killed her father. I enjoy the chemistry between her and Caleb.


Caleb is a worthy alpha. I felt horrible that his pack was wiped out by vampires. I like the symbolism of Derik having a black coat and Caleb having a white coat to represent hope.


I enjoyed Kate Thomas’ writing style. It is easy to follow and visualize. I effortlessly read this book in one sitting. Resounding Truth is a great novella. I look forward to reading other books in the series.


Complimentary copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review.