The Darkling Lord - Shona Husk

Falan, the new King of Annwyn sends Lady Darah merch Hathor on a mission to the human realm to spy on darkling Henry Saint, in exchange for a place on his Council.


The Darkling Lord is a creative and awe-inspiring novel that was hard to put down.


I like Henry. He has had to fend for himself his entire life. He’s not considered human or fairy but an anomaly. He didn’t even know what he was until he was forty. I appreciate that he feels remorse for the lives he has to take in order to stay alive. I also like that the Greys automatically follow him without him making deals with them. Henry has great drive and motives.


I enjoyed Darah’s growth throughout the novel. She is used to living at court and becomes more relaxed in the human world. She discovers a lot about herself and questions her wants.


So far, I have found Falan a worthy King. He has been cleaver and open minded. He is smart for investigating Henry and considering the mortal world.


Shona Husk does a commendable job with the plot. I like the connection to the human world and the affect Annwyn has on it. I enjoy all the details and imagery. It is fascinating to see how things have change from the first book in the series to this story. It is amazing what different leadership can do.


Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.