Claiming His Mate - Savannah Stuart

Jaguar shifter Lauren Hayes breaks into the house of the Alpha of the Kincaid wolf pack to steal back a family heirloom. She is caught by Beta, Max McCray. Her punishment to stay with him for the following week, in return he will give her the broach; neglecting to mention she was his mate.


I flew through the story starting at page one. It flows well and was fun to read.


Max is a great character. He is very Alpha and determined. I appreciated that he is open-minded and fair. I also, like that he doesn’t care that
Lauren is a jaguar.


Lauren is a worthy character. She is selfless and honorable. I like that she went after the family heirloom for her sister and not herself. She likes to help others and follows her feelings.


Claiming His Mate is an entertaining short story that has an appealing plot. There are multiple surprises and interesting twists. This was the first book I read in the Crescent Moon series. I am definitely interested in reading the other books in the series after finishing this book.


Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.