Midnight Masque: The Josie Hawk Chronicles - Elle J Rossi

Huntress Josie Hawk protects the city of Nashville from dark creatures. Cross is not dead, and he’s coming back to seek revenge on Josie and Nashville.

Josie is a worthy heroine. She is loyal and protective of Nashville and her friends. She is brave and fierce. I like that she still comes off as being human: she worries about her father’s reaction to Keller and seems to avoid the confrontation. She is not perfect and therefore, realistic.


Vampire Keller O’Leary is intriguing mate for Josie. They care for each other deeply and will do anything to protect one another. They have an intense relationship that is fun to read about.


The plot was enjoyable. Josie and crew have some pretty extreme adversaries throughout the story. Midnight Masque is packed with excitement and mystery. The novel is well-written and flows well.