Dance in the Moonlight - A.L. Kessler

The last thing werewolf, Coran Hemming, wants is another mate. Especially one that is human, but when Renee Flemmons walks into the bar he works at, after being attacked by shifters, he finds himself becoming protective of the mortal.


I enjoyed Renee. There is more to her then meets the eye. She handles herself well despite being hunted by supernatural beings she just discovered existed. She has no idea why they are interested in her and her true value.


Coran is a formidable hero. He is immortal. He has suffered much loss and is hard on himself. He is loyal and a fierce friend. Renee is a nice complement for him.


I enjoyed the dynamics of the characters. There is an interesting hierarchy among the

various groups.


Dance in the Moonlight has a great plot, with tons of action. I got through the book in a day because I could not put it down. I am intrigued to see what happens next in the series.