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5 Stars
Fractured Silence (Talon Pack #5) by Carrie Ann Ryan
Fractured Silence (Talon Pack Book 5) (Volume 5) - Carrie Ann Ryan

Carrie Ann Ryan’s FRACTURED SILENCE, is an amazing addition to the Talon Pack Series.  Parker Jamenson is the son of three Packs and part of a prophecy; Brandon Brentwood is the Talon Pack Omega, and Avery Montag is the daughter of a traitor.  The triad needs each other in more ways than one.  This contemporary PNR is suitable for adult audiences.


Parker, Brandon, and Avery are likeable characters.  Parker was goddess-touched and became the voice of the wolves.  He is from the line of the first hunter.  He is dying and needs to find his mate.  Brandon has been struggling with being Omega and is also in need of a mate.  Avery is a noble character.  She is nothing like her father.  She is a good person that wants to make up for her father’s treachery.  She is brave and nurturing.  She goes through a lot of changes in this story and handles it with grace.  The three characters have wonderful chemistry and complement each other well.  They are stronger and better together. 


Once again, Carrie Ann Ryan does an amazing job with her plot.  McMaster continues to be an interesting threat.  He is a deceptive opponent that should not be underestimated.  The prophecy was well integrated into the novel.  There are some tragedies that the packs face that made my heart break for the characters.  FRACTURED SILENCE is full of details and surprises.  The story is skillfully written and hard to put down.  I love this series and cannot wait for Carrie Ann Ryan’s next book, DESTINY DISGRACED.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

3.5 Stars
The Right Fit by Daphne Dubois
The Right Fit - Daphne Dubois

NHL defenseman, Antony Laurent, meets, esthetician, Maxine Nicholls, who is on the rebound after catching her fiancé cheating on her.  This sports romance takes place in Toronto and Florida.  It is suitable for adult audience.


I felt bad for Max.  Her ex-fiancé, Johnny, really messed with her self-confidence.  Anthony is much better for her.  I love that he likes her the way she is.  I like Anthony.  He feels guilty for his brother’s accident.  He’s worried about being sent down to the minors.  He pushes himself hard to take care of his family.  I appreciate that Max and Anthony both have issues they overcome in this novel. 


They have interesting friends and family.  I like Carmine. He gave Max good advice and was a sweet man.  I like how the characters evolved in the story, especially Marc toward the end of the novel. 


It took me a little while to get into this story.  I enjoyed it more as I kept reading it.  I like the nail polish names and their significance throughout the book.  I also thought the name Max considered for her business clever.  I enjoyed the ending.  It made the story feel well concluded.  I would like to see a sequel with Marc and Kayla. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

4 Stars
Low Blow (Shots On Goal #4) by Kristen Hope Mazzola
Low Blow (Shots On Goal Standalone Series Book 4) - Kristen Hope Mazzola

Kristen Hope Mazzola’s LOW BLOW is a heartfelt and inspiring read.  It has been ten years since Griffin Hayes had his heart transplant.  He feels the need to seek out the daughter of his donor, Olive Cooper.  The person that makes him feel whole.  This contemporary sports romance is suitable for new adult and adult audiences.  It takes place in New York. 


LOW BLOW can be read as a stand-alone, but I appreciated it more because I read the three books preceding it.  I am not into boxers, but I really enjoyed this story. Griffin is the younger brother of NHL star, Gavin Hayes, from book one, HAT TRICK.  I love that the characters from the previous books were part of this story. They provided a network and family for Griffin and Liv.  Kristen Hope Mazzola does a nice job of making you feel invested in the characters of the Shots On Goal series.


I like Griffin.  He needed a heart transplant when he was sixteen years old.  It took courage for him to seek the daughter of his donor out. I appreciated that his actions showed Olive that her Father’s donation saved lives and helped her mourn his loss better.  I love that they have an instant connection. Liv is a great character.  I like her personality and that she is not Griffin’s typical taste in women.  Her reaction to Griffin’s fight is probably exactly how I would have responded. 


As discovered in book one, Griffin’s parents are a bit to deal with.  His mom was in rare form in this story. She really is one of those people that just shouldn’t speak.  I’m glad that Griffin has his brother and his friends for support, especially Myla. I love that he found his soul mate in Liv.  I also like that Shaw and Simon hooked up. 


I really enjoyed LOW BLOW.  I finished it in one sitting.  The plot was genuine.  The characters are likeable.  It had a well concluded ending.  I’m looking forward to the next book in the Shots On Goal series.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

4 Stars
Snared (Elemental Assassin #16) by Jennifer Estep
Snared (Elemental Assassin) - Jennifer Estep

Gin Blanco continues her quest to discover more about the underworld group called the Circle.  Meanwhile, a girl by the name of Elissa Daniels goes missing, and Gin investigates.  This Urban Fantasy is suitable for adult audiences.


I appreciate the complexity of the characters in this series.  I find it amusing that Gin is so frequently underestimated.  I love Gin’s friend network.  The banter between her and Finn always has me smiling.  She has some amazing people she can rely on.  We discovered some interesting things about Gin’s nemesis, Hugh Tucker, as well as some other people. 


Jennifer Estep created another thrilling story in Elemental Assassin series.  SNARED is full of action and mystery.  Estep does a fantastic job with all the details in this story.  I loved the ending.  I would love to see the Elemental Assassin series on television.  It really would be perfect for TV.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

4.5 Stars
Enforcer (Seattle Sharks #2) by Samantha Whiskey
Enforcer (Seattle Sharks Book 2) - Samantha Whiskey

Seattle Sharks Enforcer, Rory Jackson, strikes a deal with future CEO, Paige Turner.  They enter an exclusive three-month relationship to help clean up his reputation, while she checks off some items on her dirty-girl bucket list.  This contemporary sports romance is suitable for adult audiences.


ENFORCER is a fun and entertaining story.  The plot was interesting and expertly laid out.  The characters are very different from one another but compatible.  I love that they both were interested in the other, but that it took this deal for them to do something about getting together. 


I like Rory. He is a bad-boy hockey player.  He had a difficult childhood that contributed to his bad temper that is always getting him in trouble. Despite being one of the best hockey players in the league he feels he is unworthy of Paige.  I love that he treats her differently than every other woman he has been with.


Paige is a noble heroine.  She truly cares about the well-being of others, contribution to charitable efforts.  She is smart and innovating.  She has a big heart.  I appreciate that she stands up to her father.


Rory and Paige have some interesting conflicts to overcome in this story.  Since they are both high profile individuals, they need to worry about media attention.  They both grow and evolve into better people. They bring the best out in each other. 


ENFORCER was skillfully written and felt well concluded.  This is the first novel that I have read by  Samantha Whiskey.  I plan on backtracking and reading book one in the series, GRINDER.  I liked Gage and Baily in this book, so I’m interested in reading their story.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.


5 Stars
Dancing in the Rain by Kelly Jamieson
Dancing in the Rain - Kelly Jamieson

Kelly Jamieson’s DANCING IN THE RAIN is an incredible heartfelt read.  NHL star, Drew Sellers, is forced to retire due to a knee injury.  He discovers he has a twelve-year-old daughter, a result of a one-night-stand in college. Then he reluctantly finds himself attracted to his daughter’s aunt, Payton Watt.   This contemporary romance takes place in Chicago and New York.  


I adored DANCING IN THE RAIN.  The story was genuine and profound.  I love how everyone grew and seems to learn from each other. 


My heart went out to Sara; she was a good mother to Chloe and sister to Payton.  She is a strong heroine with wonderful values. 


Chloe is an amazing girl.  I love that she fights for what she believes in.  My heart broke for her loss.  I was glad Drew came into her life. 


Peyton is a wonderful sister and aunt.  She is a determined business woman who ends up reevaluating her priorities.  She is smart and determined. 


Drew is a great guy.  He has a difficult time with having to retire early and having gone through a divorce.  He understandably goes through an identity crisis.  Sara, Chloe, and Payton seem to come into his life at the right time.  He grows tremendously throughout this story.


Drew and Payton have amazing chemistry.  It is understandable why they are reluctant to get together.  They are an amazing couple.


Kelly Jamieson did an astounding job with DANCING IN THE RAIN.  It had me laughing and crying.  I was invested in the characters.  I enjoyed the plot.  The story dealt with hard issues and had worthy life lessons. The ending was perfect.  I loved this story.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

5 Stars
Glass Faerie (Creepy Hollow #7) by Rachel Morgan
Glass Faerie (Creepy Hollow Book 7) - Rachel Morgan

Rachel Morgan’s GLASS FAERIE is an imaginative and thrilling addition to the Creepy Hollow series.  Emerson Clarke (Em) discovers that she is not human.  She is a Fae with a powerful Griffin Ability that is making her highly sought after, and not necessarily in a good way.  This contemporary fantasy is suitable for young adults.


I really enjoyed GLASS FAERIE.  Rachel Morgan does a fantastic job of keeping this series fresh and exciting.  I love that Vi, Ryn, Calla, and numerous others are in this story.  They are the perfect allies for Em as she discovers her new life.  She goes through a lot in this story and has no idea who is trustworthy. 


Em is an appealing heroine. Her mother was institutionalized, and she is living with her aunt and cousin.  Her aunt is the typical unpleasant guardian.  She is brave and loyal to her mother.  She has a lot to learn about her new realm.  I found her interaction with Dash amusing and look forward to seeing where their relationship goes.


I love Filigree and Bandit.  I totally want a formattra. 


The glass fairy is an interesting adversary.  Her power is scary. I cannot wait to discover more about her in the next book.


The plot was well-executed.  It was full of mystery and excitement.  I am highly anticipating the next book.  I want to hear more of Emerson’s story.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

5 Stars
Resistance on Ice (Boys of Winter #2) by S.R. Grey
Resistance on Ice (Boys of Winter Book 2) - S.R. Grey
  1. R. Grey’s RESISTANCE ON ICE is a winning addition to the Boys of Winter series. NHL Right Winger, Nolan Solvenson, wants to get Lainey Shelburne back in his bed, but Lainey has put him in the friend zone. This contemporary sports romance takes place in Las Vegas.  It is suitable for new adult and adult audiences.


We first met both Nolan and Lainey in book one, DESTINY ON ICE.  Nolan is Brent Oliver’s friend/line mate, and Lainey is Aubrey’s little sister.  Nolan and Lainey were secretly hooking up.  They stopped seeing each other.  Now Nolan wants to start things back up with Lainey. However, Lainey wants more and has told Nolan they could only be friends.


Nolan is an interesting character.  He has a secret he does not want anyone to discover.  That secret has understandably left him humiliated and untrusting of relationships.  I like Lainey.  She is feisty and brave.  She pulls off stuff I would not have the nerve to do.  Nolan and Lainey are a great couple.  They have hot chemistry and similar personalities.  Lainey instilling the friend rule was the perfect call.  The two end up being very compatible and value their relationship more.


The plot was skillfully-executed.  A lot of fun and thrilling things take place.  There are some interesting dynamics in the story, including Aubrey hating Nolan, that makes the story thought-provoking.  I love that Area 51 made a comeback in this story.  I love that RESISTANCE ON ICE began and ended in a similar manner. 


I liked the introduction of the Coach Townsend’s daughter, Eliza.  I found it amusing she was a Capital’s fan.  She becomes a good friend to Lainey.  I am looking forward to her and Benny Perry’s story in book three, COMPLICATIONS ON ICE, expected to be released in August 2017.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

4 Stars
Backhand (Gold Hockey, #2) by Elise Faber
Backhand (Gold Hockey) - Elise Faber

Elise Faber scores with BACKHAND, the second book in the Gold Hockey series.  NHL defenseman Mike Stewart is reunited with his childhood friend, disgraced Olympic figure skater, Sara Jetty.  She tries to push him away, but he is persistent is perusing a relationship with her.  This contemporary sports romance takes place in San Francisco.  It is suitable for new adult and adult audiences.


Sara is an interesting heroine.  She is a former Olympic gold figure skating medalist.  Her reputation is tarnished.  She can no longer participate in figure skating.  Luckily, she also has a passion for art and can pursue a career in that direction.  Unfortunately, her confidence has been shattered.  She undergoes a great deal.  I’m glad she had Mitch as a boss.  He’s good for her. 


Mike is a good guy.  After gaining a bad-boy reputation, he decides to straighten out.  He is noble, persistent, protective, and a good friend to Sara.  I appreciate that he remembered so much about Sara and did thoughtful things for her.  I love that Mike and Sara grew up together in Minnesota.  I like their nick names for each other.  My heart broke that they both had disappointing families. 


Elise Faber does a great job with the plot.  I like how Mike and Sara run into each other at the beginning of the story.  There are a lot of interesting things that happen that kept me engaged.  There are a lot of mystery and twists.  BACKHAND was skillfully written and entertaining.  The ending was thrilling, and the epilogue made the story feel complete.  I’m looking forward to the next story in the Gold Hockey series. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.


4 Stars
Checked Into Love (Bachelorette Party #2) by Rochelle Paige
Checked Into Love - Rochelle Paige

Rochelle Paige tally’s a win with CHECKED INTO LOVE.  Professional hockey player, Jason Campbell, hasn’t been able to stop thinking about a woman he met just once, Cecily Thompson, since he met her, and she snuck off without saying good-bye.  He runs into her nine months later at a friend’s bachelorette party, and is determined not to let her get away once more.  CHECKED INTO LOVE takes place in Chicago. This contemporary sports romance is suitable for adult audiences. 


Cecily is a fun heroine.  She swore off relationships after a bad break up.  This causes her to have trust issues.  She has a great, yet overprotective family.  She is hard working and good at her job in PR.  I like Jason.  He is a good guy. I love his interaction with Cecily’s family.  The two have great chemistry.  I’m glad their misunderstanding was resolved. 


I enjoyed the plot.  There were some appealing twists and enjoyable dialog.  I thought the stuff going on with Cee-Cee’s job was interesting.  Her boss proved challenging to work for.  I liked Jason’s family’s business and understand why he doesn’t openly divulge his background.  Being a Chicagoan, I like that the book takes place there.  The story had a good ending that felt well concluded.  This is the first book that I have read by Rochelle Paige.  I enjoyed her writing style and would read something by her again.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.Checked Into Love - Rochelle Paige  

5 Stars
Hot as Puck by Lili Valente
Hot As Puck - Lili Valente

Lili Valente scores with HOT AS PUCK. NHL forward, Justin Cruise, helps his kindergarten-teacher best friend, Libby Collins, by giving her dating lessons. This contemporary sports romance takes place in Portland.

HOT AS PUCK is a fun “friends turned lovers” romance. Admittingly, I instantaneously liked the main character, Justin, because he has the same name as my son, they both play hockey, and have hazel eyes with dark hair. That being said, it got a little weird during some of the scenes, and I quickly had to get my son out of my thoughts when reading the story.

I like Justin and Libby. They have been friends since they were kids. Libby taught him how to crochet when he was sick in bed with mono. Neither one of them has ever thought about the other romantically, until his twenty-eighth birthday party, and then they were both in denial. Libby asks Justin to give her dating lessons because she feels she is socially awkward.

There are a lot of entertaining dialogs and imagery throughout the story. One of my personal favorites was Libby’s comparison to all massive toothed worms in 1980s movies. You’ll have to read the story to find out what I’m talking about – it’s in chapter six. I also love Libby’s and Laura’s texts.

HOT AS PUCK has a great plot. It is well-written and hard to put down. I loved the ending. I’m looking forward to Libby’s sister, Laura’s story with Justin’s teammate/captain, Brendan, SEXY MOTHERPUCKER. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.


4 Stars
The Black Lily (Tales of the Black Lily) by Juliette Cross
The Black Lily (Tales of the Black Lily) - Juliette Cross

Juliette Cross’ THE BLACK LILY is a clever retelling of the classic Cinderella.  Arabelle (The Black Lily) leads a rebellion against the vampire monarchy.  She sets out to assassinate the vampire prince, Marius, at the ball held at the Glass Tower.  Her attempt fails, and Marius is determined to find the mysterious woman that was unsuccessful in killing him.  This fairytale PNR is suitable for adult audiences.


THE BLACK LILY was a creative and entertaining read.  I enjoyed the plot. I like how the Cinderella and Red Riding Hood fairytales were worked into the story.  I also appreciate that there was a lot more to the story then just the basics from the fairy tale. 


Arabelle is a strong heroine.  She is brave and determined to fight for the lower class.  I like Marius.  Unlike his family, he is noble and wants what is best for the people.  He is ignorant about what is really happening, but willing to investigate to discover the truth.   The two have great chemistry, and I enjoyed their dialog. 


Juliette Cross does a fantastic job with all the details to the story.  The characters are well developed.  The plot is skillfully executed.  There were interesting twists and turn of events.  Even though the novel is 300-pages, it felt like a fast read.  THE BLACK LILY had a great ending. I would love to see this story turned into a movie.  I look forward to the second book in the Tales of the Black Lily, THE RED LILY, expected to be published on June 19, 2017. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

4.5 Stars
Inheritance (Heart Lines #2) by Heather Hildenbrand
Inheritance: (A New Adult Paranormal Romance) (Heart Lines Series Book 2) - Heather Hildenbrand

Heather Hildenbrand’s INHERITANCE is an exciting addition to the Heart Lines series.  INHERITANCE takes place after book one, REMEMBRANCE, left off.  Samantha Knight regained her memory.  She and RJ are visiting Sam’s Aunt Kiwi in Guam to help her learn her magic.  Alex Channing took off to Alaska, knowing that it would cost Sam to heal him.  Eventually, they wind up back in Half Moon.  This paranormal romance is suitable for new adults and adults.


I like Sam. Her character transforms a lot now that she has her memory back.  She is becoming more like the person she was prior to losing her memory.  She is more outgoing and not as scared.  She is having difficulties learning how to use her healing powers.   She discovers the history behind the werewolves and how she is connected to them.    


Alex is a noble hero.  We learn more about his past and why he doesn’t want Sam to heal him.  He realizes he doesn’t have anything other than CHAS.  The werewolf venom takes its toll on him.  I respect his character and feel bad for his situation.


I like Sam and Alex together.  I keep feeling like there is more to their relationship that we have yet to discover.  I’m looking forward to seeing where their story goes. 


The plot was interesting with multiple twists.  Heather Hildenbrand did an excellent job constructing the history behind the werewolves and hunters. The story had another cliff hanger ending that left me eager for the next book, ESPERANCE, expected to be published on April 27, 2017.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

5 Stars
Holding (Playmaker Duet #2) by Mignon Mykel
Holding: Playmaker Duet (Prescott Family Book 5) - Mignon Mykel, Jenn Wood

Mignon Mykel’s HOLDING is an amazing conclusion to the Playmaker Duet.  HOLDING takes place where ALTERCATION left off; Asher Spence and Avery Prescott were kidnapped by Asher’s former foster father, James Johnson.  Understandably, Asher is having difficulties dealing with the abduction and her memories that resurfaced.   Mignon Mykeln does a fantastic job relating the emotional aspects to this story. 


Asher is an astonishing heroine.  She has undergone a lot and has grown tremendously through this series.  She feels tainted.  She has ghosts and experience self-doubt.  I love Porter Prescott. He is supportive and loving to Asher.  He gives Asher her space but is broken hearted doing it.  The couple faces so much.  They are stronger and better together. 


The plot was tear-jerking and believable.  Unexpected situations arise that the couple must face.  The Prescott’s are a remarkable family that truly cares for one another.  I love the epilogue.  It made the story feel well concluded.  At 91-pages HOLDING is a fast read.  I could not put HOLDING down.  I am sure I will end up re-reading this series.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

5 Stars
Shattered Pack (Alpha Girl #6) by Aileen Erin
Shattered Pack (Alpha Girl Book 6) - Aileen Erin

Aileen Erin’s SHATTERED PACK is a wonderful addition to the Alpha Girl series.  The story takes place after the fight with witch, Luciana, and her demons.  St. Ailbe has been closed.  Meredith Molloney returned to her home in Colorado, with the Wayfarer Pack.  Meanwhile, her mate, Council of Seven Alpha, Donovan Murry, is at a meeting with the supernatural community dealing with the fallout of the battle exposing them to the humans.  Since that is enough to undertake, Donovan needs to return to Ireland because of a murder in his pack.  Of course, Meredith will not let her mate leave without her, even though she has been warned that the trip will be dangerous for her.  This contemporary paranormal fantasy is suitable for young adults.


As always, Aileen Erin, does a fantastic job with her plot and character development.  Having recently gained access to her wolf, and knowing she would need to change packs, Meredith grew a great deal in this story.  I like Donovan.  He is one of the strongest werewolves.  Meredith and Donovan are discovering how their actions affect each other being true mates.  I love how comfortable they are around each other, and that Meredith will challenge Donovan. I enjoyed the plot. The dynamics of Donovan’s pack was interesting.  The story flowed well.  There was a lot going on that kept the novel thought-provoking.  There were mystery and twists.  I’m looking forward to the next book from the series.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

5 Stars
Altercation (Playmaker Duet #1) by Mignon Mykel
Altercation: Playmaker Duet (Prescott Family Book 4) - Mignon Mykel, Jenn Wood

Mignon Mykel’s ALTERCATION is an emotional and amazing read.  ALTERCATION starts out where Porter and Asher met in BREAKAWAY (Playmaker Duet, #0.6; Prescott Family, #3) but is told from Porter’s point of view.  The story continues with the couple’s lives, fluctuating between both viewpoints.  I adored this story.


Mignon Mykel did a wonderful job developing the characters.  Asher and Porter both grew tremendously throughout this novel, having several obstacles and issues to overcome.  Asher is scarred by her past growing up in foster care. She finally feels like she belongs somewhere with the Prescott family.  She is terrified of losing them, and haunted by her past.  Porter is a great guy.  He is perceptive, patient, and protective with Asher.  Asher and Porter have powerful chemistry. 


The plot was well written with interesting twists.  I love how Avery is always getting involved with Asher’s and Porter’s relationship.  I love the explanation to why all the Prescott siblings had eleven tattooed on themselves.  My heart broke for the things the family went through in this story.  Everything that happens is believable and well executed.  ALTERCATION ends in a cliff hanger.  I cannot wait to read the next story, HOLDING, to find out what happens.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.